Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

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Élan Vital

Christian Peschke is an artist whose work lends unique shape and colour to life itself. Vitality and love of life play a foremost role in both the inspiration and the message of his art. In addition, emotions are expressed through the language of colour:
Feelings are lent special significance through colours.
He transforms emotionality directly into an interplay of different colours, making the different chromatic areas appear to vibrate with sensitivity. What he is ultimately creating in these paintings and sculptures is the élan vital itself.
The élan vital is the primeval creative force that controls all of life's processes.
The whole cosmos contains an indomitable urge to live, and life itself is creative activity. It cannot be explained with ideas – it can only be apprehended through intuition. This concept of an élan vital dates back to the French philosopher Henri Bergson (1859 – 1941).
Life is thus something that flows, untameable, a powerful current and an unregulated urge. To prevent this primeval force from dissipating, or from being pulverized in chaos, it requires form and shape. And that is the task of art – namely, to create order for life.
Life being given order through art – the work of Christian Peschke is devoted to precisely that.
As a result, his paintings are more to be directly experienced than intellectually pondered over. They address the emotions, and the colours give the onlooker a feeling of well-being. The same well-being that Peschke repeatedly achieves in his work. This is probably because his oeuvre is predominantly representational and three-dimensional rather than abstract and amorphous. In all his paintings one notices that figures and things are surrounded by firm contours that prevent them from dissolution.
This results in three-dimensionality and an impressive presence of thing and figure. The outlines and the sculptural effect are enhanced still further by the picture frames, which for Christian Peschke are always an important component of any work of art. His entire oeuvre is like a huge memory in which traces of life are recorded and preserved – a living memory that speaks to us and that introduces us to the beauties of life.