Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

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The return of the corporeal and the concrete is perfected in the art of Christian Peschke. He does all he can to stop the real being devoured by abstraction. His artistic consciousness is geared towards the representational or towards that which he essentially experiences. Here he does not fall back on details or even photographic realism, instead artistically wanting a re-action, a re-creation of objects and bodies. Far from being a reproduction aesthetic, his fundamental aesthetic concept is that of re-creating and reviving primeval forms and entities.

Here he completely isolates his art objects – the objects in his work – from any purpose or utility. The artist sees himself as a person who re-invents the world, places things in a new light and people in a new environment. This kind of reality does not present us with a "perfect world" but with a world that is open to joy, and is not ruled by suffering.