Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

to:  Élan Vital | Reality | Perception | Boody | Round | Female | Eros | Nature


Circular and spherical shapes are seen as symbolic of perfection. The sphairos, or sphere, was the quintessence of perfection in Antiquity. These shapes have no beginning or end; both are either connected or intertwined. Life and the flow of life, the streaming and the flowing, brook no angles and no rough areas, only the softness of the round. Moreover, all organic forms are rounded – including this planet and the human body. Christian Peschke thus makes all his figures – oval and semicircular alike – exceptionally rounded. In addition his sculptures are lent dynamism by one bodyline in the shape of an S that runs from top to bottom, emphasizing the angle of the body and stressing its contours.

Rounded bodies, oval bellies and sculptural bodylines are all part of the specific artistic signature of Christian Peschke.
With this repertoire of forms, his objective is to demonstrate the perfection of a human body, its multiplicity, unity and natural beauty. In an age when the thin and ascetic body is being glorified as ideal by advertising, his nudes and female figures are an aesthetic counter-creation – and they also have history on their side, for the great masters including Rubens and Matisse paid special attention to the roundness of the human body and strongly emphasized physical presence.