Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

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In Plato's "Symposium", the highest form of Eros is the union of the beautiful and the good, which arises from itself. Eros is seen as the powerful attraction between two halves – male and female – which once formed a whole and have now been uprooted. The effects of Eros are the desire for union and attraction, for fusion and desire. In his paintings, Christian Peschke provides us with images of the vitality of Eros, and of its power to break down all barriers. These transgressions are an essential part of Eros and need to be contained and constrained by the artistic process. Peschke's erotic art derives much of its intensity from this interplay between transgression and limitation.