Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

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Christian Peschke orients himself towards nature, Mother Nature, who for him is both an ancient symbol and a life reality. The elements – fire, water, earth and air – correspond to the different temperaments of humanity. The mixture of the elemental and the temperamental runs like a thread through his paintings. As far as nature is concerned, he wants it to be left intact as far as possible, because man himself is after all a part of nature. If he submits to nature then he submits to himself. He wants to avoid this fatal dialectic of enlightenment by relying on the unleashing of the elemental and the temperamental. This results in a liberation that is only possible in a nature-related depth of intense experience. Ecstasy, exhilaration and passion are fundamental experiences without which any human nature would be crippled.
Christian Peschke is thus an apologist for an elemental sensuality - in art as well as in life. The shapes of desire and lust are made concrete in his female figures and nudes.