Christian Peschke

by Marco J. Bodenstein

by Prof. Dr. Theo Reim

by Dr. Helmut Bachmaier

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Reflections by Professor Dr. Theo Reim, Munich

Christian Peschke was born in 1946 in Säckingen, grew up in Stuttgart, studied with Professor Gollwitzer and lives and works today in Italy.
His sculptures require a special and unique kind of perception and understanding. He is interested not in the individual but in the archetype as a symbol of the life-giving force of the body, which radiates warmth and security. The harmony of his figures derives from the balance between movement and stillness. In his sculptures he seeks connection with the round, with the generosity of fullness.
The material (marble/bronze) is not dissolved in clothing, folds and draperies but always remains alive and three-dimensional. In a consistently executed process of abstraction, Christian Peschke succeeds in dematerializing clothing without depriving the figure of any of its dignity or drama – on the contrary, it solidifies into an expression of general validity. He turns moments of movement into an interplay of light and shade that can be seen and touched as a unity before us, and delights us. The figures occupying and determining the space in the paintings cannot tolerate any background: their aim is to be placed at the centre between heaven and earth, and they fill it with life because they belong to the earth entirely.
Peschke's sculptures radiate beauty, without sound or pathos; their beauty derives from their round fullness and completeness. The poetic shape offers us the key to understanding the beautiful, and awakens the correct inner sensitivity in the beholder – an encounter with that special harmony of emotion and intellect that one finds in whatever is truly beautiful.
Everyone can find themselves in Peschke's figures, because the sculptor givs them some of that pure form that exists as a yearning within every soul that has access to the realm of the eternally true and eternally whole.
With his work, Christian Peschke wants to give us a sense for, and a sensitivity for what is essentially human – and that is something not every artist can provide, because we live in an age of sharp edges, corners and obstructions and are all the more in need of being united in roundness.

With the many-faceted aspects of his oeuvre, this sculptor and painter leads us back once more to a positive experience of art.
"In what one does, one should endeavour to make positive feeling and positive emotion visible to others," is how Christian Peschke explains his intention. In an age of ever more involved abstraction, he wants his figures to create a feeling of harmony with the environment and with oneself that can be subjectively and intensely experienced.
For Christian Peschke, experiencing art means to employ all one's senses to comprehend the relationship between content, form and material.