Christian Peschke
Dancing of the stars, Monte Carlo (Monaco)
A new star is rising!
He is carried by the dancing of life
and deep friendship
to be strong
for the ballet of future -
irresistible and filled by pure joy of life.

Dancing of the stars by Mr. Christian Peschke is carried by its elegance and lightness, to enchant
people, to bring about the joy of life and place confidence into the future.

It is a present of the „Club Allemand International“ to S.A.S. LE PRINCE SOUVERAIN – RAINIER III DE MONACO on the occasion of the 30 year anniversary of this extraordinary Institution, consisting of members from16 nations who organize 24 cultural and social charity events annually. This unique sculpture represents a vision and an enrichment for our future >>Europe<<.

It is a
>> present to life itself <<
(by : Mrs. Angelika Peschke)